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"he has a natural instinct for sensing the perfect mood we were looking for in a scene. He invariably created just the sound we hoped for to enhance that scene. That, added to his total openness to suggestions {and for that matter, criticism) made him a dream to work with."

-Dick Van Dyke




"I met Lou during the making of "The Fabulous Baker Boys." He was hired to make me look like a convincing Jazz piano player. Lou was a wonderful teahcer, but it was great to be turned on to his original material. Lou is a great composer as well as a soulful musician."

-Jeff Bridges




"What puts him leaps and bounds above the norm is knowledge of music, his versatility and his unceasing dedication to the job at hand. He is meticulous by nature and every ounce of it is reflected in his music."

-James McEachin




"Lou has a wonderful ability to connect music with film in a unique and heartfelt style all his own."

-Pablo Ferro


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